Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Democracy is hipocracy

When a bunch of genius in the DAP (Democratic Action Party) talks about democracy, anti-racist and pluralisme of religion.

Below are selected comments from Lim Kit Siang's blog.

carboncopy Says: Yesterday at 15: 33.54
Uncle Kit,
Is there a mole within PKR MP? In an interview he gave to Sin Chew is clearly to cast communal politics light on to Pakatan Rakyat. He said race of the DPM must be malay, and there was already an internal agreement within Pakatan Rakyat.
I wonder who is this PKR MP, my guess is the Kulim Zuklifli guy. Time to sack him!
Is it possible that this guy has been bought over to cause damage to Pakatan from within Pakatan?

just a moment Says: Yesterday at 15: 57.01

Mine o mine, here they go again.Special Malay rights?Social Contract? Racial Contract?They are all there to see.Anyway, that’s beside the point.

So, to appoint on ‘temporary’ basis.Tak boleh pulak.
All staff rejected.

For a while I thoughtits running a circus management. The ring leaderis not one of them, so not qualify.

In our public service Dept, the staffs are waitingto be served first by their own kind before theyserve public. They choose what kind of leadersthat want. Really, this is somekind of kampong mentality. This is a city, donks.

The objectives of PKNS clearly stated to create aunited Malaysian Society Not Malay or Islam Circus.Isn’t it that so difficult to understand?

If truly the Dept is serious like any professional bodies,if the staffs don’t like their appointed leaders, all the staffsshould bookes a bus and look for a windly park and bring lotsof kites too.
Im really disappointed with PAS. Sama sama juga.
This is onlya ‘temporary’ thing only lah, Now if Im Low, I also feel shy now.Shame, shame.

This one incidence suddenly dawns upon me, I wonder if you ask and look at all Gov’t Departments, Institutions, etc..How many Non Malays can hold top post, I think the answer will be a Big Jelo bearing in mind all their staff gets to pick their leaders.
Perhaps, some Dept under “dan lain2″.

Pls lah, how long and how much is needed to invest in these …….. Even brain surgery doesn’t cost as much as what the nation is paying.

cazz Says: Yesterday at 20: 55.48
Lets say, one day, a daughter of a PKNS’s member has fallen ill, so ill that she might not make it over the night unless she receive medical attention. And there is a Chinese doctor and a bumi vet. I amd sure the PKNS member will send the daughter to the vet instead of the Chinese doctor.
Why? She is not bumi.
That is ketuanan Melayu culture nurtured under the ruling of UMNO.

shamshul anuar Says: Today at 00: 06.32 (9 hours ago)
Dear Cazz,
Now dear.

No need to be rude by insulting Malays by saying something alien like vet or doctor. Doctors and other professional irregardless of races deserve the highest of respect.

Actually, if you care to observe( if only) you will notice how racial remarks are alive and kicking more so in Chinese community.

I mean no disrespect to Chinese community. But it is all known how non Chinese are ussually sidelined in Chinese controlled institutions, factory, banks.

I am not playing into racial card. That you have to leave to Uncle Lim whose hallmark is inciting racial hatred.

Not believing me? Open newspapers and you will see “Mandarin is preferred. And why dobt you aslk any Malay or Indian. I bet 9999 out of 10000 will say how they agree on discrimination simply because they are not Chinese.

Shocking? Go and ask.

Kathy Says: Today at 06: 56.35 (2 hours ago)
Shamsul Anuar, even if the position requires “Mandarin” as a pre-requisite, it is only language. It is not racial.

I got friends - Malay and Indian that speaks Mandarin and some of them even know how to read and write Chinese - better than me.

So, don’t use that as an excuse that Chinse organizations are side-lining Malays with the use of “Mandarin Preferred” line.

The Real Malaysian Posts say:

The DAP is responsible for what has happen to Malaysia now.

Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok, and Karpal Singh are the persons who try to teach the Muslims and Malays about Islam.

What the fish.

What they know about Islam?

Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) is under Kerajaan Negeri Selangor and the law governing on the regulation to incorporate Kerajaan Negeri Selangor states the requirement of the leader.

Islam has to be the primary focus and emphasis, how is it to appoint an 'imam' from non muslim?

They think DAP is the Democracy upholder but i suggests the Hipocracy is the most suitable word to be given to them.

I would like to quote one of the commenters' comment.

They claim that the Chinese is anti racist, but what is going to do with advertisement on vacancy that requires able to speak Mandarin'?

Afraid to be 'hantam', they change the word of 'preferrably Chinese' to able to speak Mandarin.

The Chinese is actually the one who upholds the Racisme policy inside their organisation.

This is Malaysia, Official religion is Islam, and Official langguage is Bahasa Melayu.

Why is it hard to understand and obey the constitution?

They wanna be like Hindraf?cakap putar belit.

Prove to me that there is Ethnic cleansing in Malaysia. prove to me that there is racial discrimination in Malaysia.

What the fish inside aquarium la mangkuk hayun.

They win the economy sector,and now they dont want to give the Malay the politics.

the people inside DAP is actually Dengki and hipocritus.

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