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(GE12) THANK YOU!!!!!!! March 10, 2008

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First - my apologies as I wasn’t able to get online since Saturday. My sister’s internet was as usual dodgy and I wasn’t able to return home to my computer til this morning. The past 48 hours have been filled with meetings, discussions etc. I’m still sleeping less than 4 hours a day :D My phones keep dying on me and please do forgive me if you’ve not been able to reach me or if I’m not able to take your calls on time, or reply to your SMSs.
I’m still dazed. I don’t think the enormity of the people’s revolt has sunk in, especially with PKR, DAP and PAS now controlling two-thirds of Selangor State and PKR being the lead Opposition party in Parliament. My boss - Dr. Wan Azizah is going to be Head of Opposition :) :)

Thank you to all the brave and wonderful voters of Bukit Lanjan. The people have shown who are the real bosses and I am humbled by your zeal and commitment for change.

My special thanks to the following folks:- My family - especially my mother who came down all the way from Ipoh to support me, like making me sleep, making me swallow 5 vitamin pills each morning and for all those soups and herbal drinks; my boyfriend Hilmi who has been incredibly patient and supportive; Sivarasa, Anne and the Subang Parliament team who shared their labour, resources and Ops Centre; Brian who initially was only my wakil calon but he ended up multi-tasking; Latheefa, the de facto Campaign Manager whose yelling and butt-kicking was very necessary; Tian Chua who gave this newbie a lot of tips; my strategy/media team - Seng Kiat, Khai Loon, Yap, Alison; my leaflet Rambos of Puchong Saujana - Chee Keong, Lau, Bryan, Cheah; the bloggers including Youzi, Rockybru, JerryWho, Sammo (!); my other Rambo team - Hunter, Krishna and Haji Mahmud; the media who did make an effort to report on our campaign - Sin Chew, Nanyang, The Star, Sinar Harian and The Sun; Yvonne and her great team for the truck, banners and placards; the women’s groups - Cecelia, Maria, Oy Sim, Yock Lin etc; my old schoolmates, swimming team-mates, my super-generous donors who bought my idea that their donation was an investment on the future (!); designers Tze Yin, Bob, Moe Yin, Politea; my overworked printers Chee Chung and Jack; the SUARAM gang (yeah!!!!); Mogan and her PACAs, Bruno the head of Ops Centre, and many many more.

Without the help of the local residents, I wouldn’t not have been able to move in effectively in many areas - like Jit Lee, her husband, Darren, Aziz, the 3 ‘Dzuls’, Rao, Naran, Razak, the Bandar Utama residents, Sri Damansara Utama residents and many many more.

And I must also thank Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (yeah!). It is this man who blazed through our hearts and minds, and inspired the voters that we can change! This General Elections was in fact a vote of confidence for him.

If I’d left anyone out, which I’m sure I have, it is by accident and fatigue…

A new dawn is now upon us in Selangor.

We need your help and inputs. We need honest, committed residents to fill in the blanks and vacancies. There are many plans for change in the administration of the state. We now have the burden of carrying the people’s mandate to correct the past wrongs and make Selangor the model state. We have to deliver. And we have to do things differently — not the old BN ways. We are still undersieged by BN-UMNO and we need your continued involvement and participation to make things happen!

Now is not the time to be standing at the sides but the opportunity to be part of a truly incredible project is right before us.

Now let’s get to work!

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Siapa Hilmi ni??

Hilmi ni siapa?

Hilmi?Macam pernah dengar namanya...


Siapa ek?

Takkan lah Tian Chua Hilmi?

Atau Ah il mi?

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Arghhh pening lagi....

Hilmi mana ek?

Hilmi2, mana hang, nape x muncul2 nih

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